PFCSWSC Fan Ownership Shares

As you may now be aware, following the successful purchase of Portsmouth FC by the Tornante group, the Pompey Supporters Trust (PST) are now in a position to offer repayment and other alternatives for the funds that were raised in the shape of funds.

The options being offered by the PST are:
A refund to the shareholder
Prepayment of 5 years, 10 years or lifetime membership of the PST
A donation to Pompey in the Community
A donation to the Pompey History Society
A donation to the PST

Currently, PFCSWSC owns two of these shares which amounts to a figure of £2000.00 – one was purchased from club funds whilst the other was bought after a collection from the PFCSWSC members. It is therefore now open to suggestions as to what PFCSWSC do with the returned money. We are now open to suggestions as to how the returned money could be used; ideas from all of you would be most welcome, or perhaps some of the following might be food for thought?

Player Sponsorship (currently still without sponsorship are Dion Donohue, Brandon Haunstrup, Curtis Main, Drew Talbot, Adam May, Damien MCrory, Alex Bass)
Any of the PST options
Sponsor a PFC Ladies player
Buy a large PFCSWSC flag to be used on matchdays
Donate to local charities (local as in Portsmouth)
Match Sponsor (unsure of cost)
Subsidise a PFCSWSC Christmas dinner at Portsmouth FC (to include an AGM) on a matchday

These are just ideas, it may well be that none of them appeal to you and you have a better idea of how the money could be used. So please forward your thoughts, the PFCSWSC Committee will then look through them all and put the top three ideas up for voting.

Please email with your views.