Chairman Announcement

After much and careful consideration, it is with deep regret that I today formally announce my resignation as Chairman of the Portsmouth FC South West Supporters Club with immediate effect.

I have enjoyed being of service to you and representing you the past eighteen months, it has of course helped that my tenure coincided with quite a fair bit of success on the pitch thus and last season.

I feel I have taken PFCSWSC as far as I can, with new members joining in recent times it is hopefully growing and can be well supported for years to come. Unfortunately I feel I will not be able to give the club the level of service that it so richly deserves, my family is the absolute pinnacle of my life and with my work now taking up a great deal of my time I have had to make the hard decision to hand the chairmanship over to another.

I’d like to thank you all for your support in the past and John Edgerton for all his work and support too. What I would highly recommend and wish is that a full and proper AGM be convened and a new chairman elected as per the Constitution. Whoever takes over I am sure will find it as enjoyable as I did.

For now, I will maintain the website until a new chairman is found, perhaps if a new committee is formed then a new post could be created as a Media Officer who could then take over the website and manage that for the group. I would also like to say that John Edgerton would make a good chairman but if he was not keen to take the role on then I hope he would remain as Secretary/Treasurer where he has provided a valuable and much respected role. If you feel you would like to become the chairman of this fantastic Supporters Club then please contact John Edgerton in the first instance by email at who would be able to discuss the possibility with you further.

I will of course still remain a member of this superb group and hope to see you at Bristol Rovers and Plymouth next season at the very least.


Steve Cornell-Davis