1. All players must be official members of the Portsmouth FC South West Supporters Club and registered on the official PFCSWSC website.
  2. At the end of each season, promotion will be awarded to the top two sides in leagues below Division One and similarly relegation from Division One and downwards will be made for the bottom two places.
  3. Predictions can be made and altered at any time until five minutes before kick off; this is to allow for late team changes. After that time, the prediction league will automatically close until thirty minutes after the final whistle.
  4. Although set up for fun, there will be a small financial prize to the winner of Division One, a smaller award to the runner up and similarly to the winners and runners up of Division 2 and 3 respectively.
  5. Points award per match: there will be three points awarded for each correctly predicted score (e.g. you predict 2-0 and the final score is 2-0) and one point for a correctly predicted outcome but not the correct score (e.g. you predict 2-2 and the final score is 3-3). Naturally no points will be awarded for an incorrect score or one not matching the above examples.
  6. It is solely the responsibility of the player to ensure that he/she has made the correct predictions and entered them on time; whilst administrators can add them for the player, ultimately it is the player who has to ensure that they were entered as requested. The administrators will not be held responsible for any non entry or error.
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